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Born in Boston Massachusetts, and raised in Rhode Island. Attended Massachusetts College of Art and left with BFA. Resided in Boston, San Francisco, France, and Lebanon before settling in Brooklyn New York with wife Jennifer.



I come from a literary family that used words to transmit their feelings. While my family is adept in wordsmithing, myself I cannot convey the thoughts I have in words. The application of the alphabet to my work is contradictory. In the same vein I cannot and shall never use causes, events, or social messages in my pieces. Personal emotions of the homo sapien cover every aspect of existence and politics need not enter the equation. Why utilize the written word in my work when I am fleeing language for images?











It's the hard-knock life for us!

It's the hard-knock life for us!

'Steada treated,

We get tricked!

'Steada kisses,

We get kicked!

It's the hard-knock life!

Got no folks to speak of, so,

It's the hard-knock row we hoe!

Cotton blankets,

'Steada of wool!

Empty Bellies

'Steada of full!

It's the hard-knock life!

Don't it feel like the wind

is always howlin'?

Don't it seem like there's

never any light!

Once a day, don't you wanna

throw the towel in?

It's easier than puttin' up a fight.

No one's there when your dreams

at night get creepy!

No one cares if you grow...or if

you shrink!

No one dries when your eyes get

wet an' weepy!

From all the cryin' you would

think this place's a sink!


Empty belly life!

Rotten smelly life!

Full of sorrow life!

No tomorrow life!

Santa Claus we never see

Santa Claus, what's that,

-- who's he?

No one cares for you a smidge

When you're in an orphanage!

You'll stay up till this dump

shines like the top of the Chrysler building.

Yank the whiskers from her chin

Little pig droppings!

Jab her with a safety Pin

Rotten orphans!

Make her drink a Mickey Finn

Nobody loves you!

We love you, Miss Hannigan!

Get to work!

Strip them beds!

Scrub them floors!

Polish my shoes!

It's the hard-knock life for us

It's the hard-knock life for us

No one cares for you a smidge

When your in an orphanage

It's the hard-knock life

It's the hard-knock life

It's the hard-knock life





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